Wonton noodles
Walid Tawfiq
Wonton noodles
Walid Tawfiq
Pat Metheny Group
Thank you for your talent and hard work.

I grew up in a musical household and my father played a variety of Jazz fusion music, often. There are a number of songs that I like. One specific CD compilation by Pat Metheny Group, Still Life Talking, is something that I still play over and over again, even today. For me, this is truly a masterpiece set of songs put together by Pat Metheny and the other artists in the group. The blend of music is very unique, original, deeply felt at the soul, and provides for a heavy level of reflection and nostalgia each time being played. It's almost like magic the way the songs were put together. And it is inspiring to know that way in which the music was uniquely compiled, almost like Pat Metheny Group went their own direction, against the grain, and succeeded by creating a masterpiece work of art. I recommend checking Still Life talking out, if you like Jazz fusion, or appreciate having a soundtrack to play behind your life as things play out. I find that this music is timeless, and I am always hearing more and more detail from the different instruments, vocals, the layers of the music, the more that I continue to play it. And I've been playing for years and years. I resonate deeply with Last Train Home, It's Just Talk, and Third Wind. Feels like the movie of my life playing out. Thank you Pat Metheny Froup for all of your contributions and for developing this masterpiece work of art.

Think and Grow Rich
I read this book years ago. It has helped give perspective into fundamental characteristics that some successful people have. And gave insight into how strong belief can be when trying to achieve a goal. What the mind of man can conceive and believe, can be done. I recommend for anyone interested in learning from a leadership perspective.

Pearl Jam
Thank you for your talent and hard work.

The sun was settling down during the evening time, just as I awaking from a short afternoon nap in between classes. A peek out the window showed the sunset radiating at the horizon, and emitted a dark orange and brownish light just before fading off to be replaced by the night time sky and the moon. In the background, I could hear music playing from one of room of one of my suite-mates. It sounded like some kind rock-and-roll or heavy metal, and it was a sound that I didn't like at the time. I just listened from a distance in my room, and while getting up to prepare for the evening set of classes, I heard a lot of drums in the song, and could hear the chorus singing Even flowwwww.. thoughts arrive like ... As time went on, eventually I started hearing the same song in different places ... Even flowwwwww... thoughts arrive like butterflies .. and the tune was very familiar at that point.. then, Jeremy spoke in ... claaass todayyyyyyyyy. Hearing this song outside, at parties, everywhere. I began liking the songs .. and discovered that these songs were by Pearl Jam. At some point, I wanted to have the songs myself to play, so I went and purchased the Pearl Jam Ten CD. This is where the journey continued. I played the CD from start to finish, over and over and over again.... The more I played, the more I liked the songs, the compilation, the progression of the music, the drums, the vocals, the entire emotion within the music. It had captured my attention in a big way, and I looked forward to hearing again and again. I slowly began listening and learning the song lyrics, to sing along, and air drummed or air guitared wherever I was at when the music was on. This music provided a high level of motivation, emotion, reflection, excitement, and nostalgia ... Looking back from today, all of those emotions are still there when playing, and it is amazing how the songs on Ten where created. Definitely authentic alternative rock, original, a masterpiece. I recommend you check Pearl Jam Ten out if you enjoy alternative rock, rock and roll, drums, music that provides heavy reflection on life. Thank you Pearl Jam for all of your contributions.

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