Learn Cantonese Language (粤语)
Learn Cantonese Language (粤语)
Moving to the Cloud         
This book helped to simplify for me the concepts within Big Data, and also provided a high-level insight and overview of the cloud environments, helping to get a pretty good sense to the aspects and roles involved with cloud deployments and development.. With examples. Recommended.

Heatwave The Groove Line         
Pack your things.. Leave your worries behind.. hang time... we're riding on the ...
The sun is setting on a day when all is calming down, weather is warm and comfortable. Beautiful. Smiling.. Reflecting. Life is wonderful. Looking forward to the next days and future. Things are looking up. Worries are behind. Every time I hear, this is the image which comes to mind. Recommended.

Mitchum Unscented Men's Gel Deodorant         
I was hesitant to try this deodorant and only kept it as a backup, since it said Unscented, and generally I thought that meant my natural underarm odor would eventually come out. And I did not want that ... it could get a bit funky when sweating. Finally I did try the Mitchum unscented and wow, it actually worked and I was comfortable. There is a slight scent with it, kind of like a light cologne. I like it, and I have been using it everyday for quite some time now. I recommend it.

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